Our Products

Shanghai Aerotech manufactures a wide variety of fabricated and machined metal fabrications. We are capable of handling different material grades and offer a variety of machining, assembly and finishing service. Our product range can be categorized as follows:

Locking & Braking Parts

We manufacture several metal parts that are used as part of locking and braking mechanism for Wind Turbines, Diesel Locomotives, Engines and other machinery. Our list of locking and braking system parts includes Rotor Lock, Pins, Pistons, Bushings and Thrust pieces.

Structural Supports

We manufacture a variety of non-mechanical metal parts that are used to support other assemblies in different types of machinery. Our list of structural parts includes brackets, tower platforms, step ladders and gearbox supports.


We also specialize in assembling a variety of mechanical and non-mechanical assemblies to support our customers supply chain. Our sub assembly operations often requires procurement of cast or forged parts from our sub vendors followed by machining, finishing and assembly operation to deliver final products.

Small Machined Fabrications

We manufacture several other metallic and composite parts at our three facilities in China. Our fabrication and machining equipment is capable of manufacturing machined parts up to 5 tons single piece weight for a variety of industrial applications.

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