Shanghai Aerotech has significant experience in sourcing, consolidating and kitting of non-critical industrial parts. Our team specializes in competitively sourcing parts in finished or unfinished condition from our network of manufacturers in China. We then use our facilities to complete any additional machining or processing that might be required and package kits for shipment to our customer’s facilities.

Benefits of using Shanghai Aerotech for your Kitting requirements include:

  • Significant work experience with several large industrial OEM’s.
  • Reliable network of approved manufacturers in China and US.
  • Ability to complete a variety of fabrications and machining in-house.

Our Kitting solutions are designed to serve a variety of customer requirements including:

  • Parts: We have worked with kitting of several parts including fasteners, washers, brackets, pistons, platforms, ladders, sensors, fixtures, plastic and composite parts.
  • Packaging: We have a team of in-house packaging specialists who are experienced with using reusable and one use packaging that best suits customer requirements. Our team can also comply with all requirements related to fumigation, marking as necessary.
  • Management: We have been supporting our customer’s safety stock requirements from our North American warehouse. Our team can also support Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program to support our customer’s supply chain and inventory needs.

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