Case Studies

Shanghai Aerotech has saved its customers millions of dollars through supply chain simplification and low cost manufacturing. From Energy to Transportation our hands-on experience and global footprint uniquely positions us to help our customers in different segments of their supply chain. Our success stories include:

Case Study: Wind Turbine Rotor Lock Mechanism

Buyer: Large Global Wind Turbine OEM
Parts: Sub assembly of metallic and ceramic parts stringent performance requirements
Buyer Expectations:
  • Double digit deflation
  • Suppliers ability to deliver to multiple plants at short notice
  • Ability of all parts to withstand harsh operating conditions
  • Proprietary ceramic pad from a EU supplier was being used for several years
  • Extremely stringent tolerances and performance requirements
Approach and Results:
We successfully identified alternate sources of ceramic pad and coordinated the testing and approval process for alternate ceramic pad. We also reduced cost of other parts thru value engineering and established a inventory and shipping process using our North American warehouse. Over the course of this multi stage project, we were able to exceed customer’s deflation and delivery expectations.

Case Study: Wind Tower Internals

Buyer: Large industrial distribution company with headquarters in North America
Parts: Over 20 non-mechanical support parts for wind turbine towers
Buyer Expectations:
  • Turnkey solution for all parts
  • Packaging, delivery of complete kits to multiple locations according to detailed delivery schedules
  • Optimized inventory on customer books
  • Frequent changes to delivery schedules and volume projections
  • Wide variety of parts and manufacturing processes
Approach and Results:
Our team of sourcing experts competitively sourced several fasteners and semi-finished castings and forgings from our approved suppliers. Our facilities in China were used to complete machining and other steps necessary to assemble and package kits exactly according to customer requirements. We developed and implemented a delivery model which included direct shipments of full containers to customer locations which were complemented by safety stock at our warehouse. We were able to meet all of our customer’s expectations.

Case Study: Diesel Locomotive Fabricated Parts

Buyer: Large diesel electric locomotive manufacturer with headquarters in USA
Parts: Multiple non-critical metal fabrications with machining
Buyer Expectations:
  • Ability to support low volume, high mix & demand fluctuations.
  • Information systems support to ensure complete visibility of delivery status in customers ERP system
  • Deflation
  • Low volume and high mix nature of awarded parts
  • Involvement of multiple manufacturing processes
Approach and Results:
Our team of sourcing experts quickly completed qualification of castings from our approved suppliers. Our manufacturing team then established routines to quickly schedule the high mix of jobs we were receiving from our customer. Our operations team ensured that flow of information related to manufacturing status was quick and effective. We were able to meet all of our customer’s expectations and continue to experience growth in our business with this customer.

Case details have been modified to honor our non-disclosure commitments to our customers.

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